Sanremo Coffee Machines at SIGEP 2019

We were at Sigep from the 19th to the 23rd of January.

The audience at the Rimini fair had the opportunity to get a closer look at our products and to observe how our team worked with the coffee machines.

The constant aroma of coffee at our stand reached the passers-by who stopped to learn more about our products. Hall D3 - STAND 195 was the epicenter of big news that attracted professional baristas and many other individuals, who had the opportunity to test our machines.

You could breathe the #wearesanremo spirit in every corner of our stand. Surrounded by coffee machines, it did not take long before there was a crowd of fans, who walked around the stand trying to see all the Sanremo products.

Opera OXID 3 groups, Café Racer Renegade, Café Racer White & Wood, as always, have been enthusiastically received by professional and non-professional baristas.

Sanremo’s machines have been pushed to the maximum thanks to the continuous request for demonstrations and coffee samples.

Between presentations, our team has also given the possibility to the public to directly test the machines and to discover the easy use of the Opera, thanks to the customizable profiles, and the strength of the Racer during the various preparations.

The Opera, a pioneer of the style and quality required by Sanremo, and Café Racer, the Official Machine of the WLAC and WCIGS competitions of World Coffee Events for the next 2 years, were also joined by a newcomer: F18.

It did not need any introduction or advertising. The F18 drew attention even before it was switched on.

Soon enough the news Sanremo product became the main topic of the #wearesanremo world.

Within a few hours of the start of the Fair, the company's social pages were filled up of questions regarding the F18.

We can’t reveal anything yet, but we advise you to continue to follow our social channels to stay updated on the new F18 and on all the next Sanremo activities!