Sanremo Coffee Machines: what to expect in 2019

2018 is coming to an end and we’re absolutely satisfied and enthusiast for the upcoming year.

We are very proud of the results we obtained in Belo Horizonte (as in all the other events). We received excellent feedback from everyone and the energy we breathed made our hard work worth it.

Café Racer, the Official Machine of World Coffee Events, was a huge success for everyone at BrazilWCC.

The mix of high quality coffee machines and professionals of the sector, made Sanremo the main topic of the competitions.

Both on a technical and promotional level, we gave our best and the results are evident.

We can’t but thank the whole Sanremo team and the S.W.A.T (Sanremo World Academy Team) for the great job, and a special thank you goes to our community, which has been on our side since the beginning and that celebrated with us this international milestone.

To thank them, we made sure that they could meet our team and the S.W.A.T in order to learn from them and be supported during the training session. We made it possible for our audience to come into direct contact with professionals such as Sasa Sestic, Ben Stephens, Giacomo and Pietro Vannelli, Patrick O'Malley and John Gordon, as well as the highly specialized technical team. Thanks to their valuable contribution we have made sure that both the baristas and the aspiring champions received advice from S.W.A.T to perfect their training with Café Racer.

We also received extraordinary comments and compliments from Agnieszka Rojewska, World Barista Champion 2018 and new S.W.A.T member, and Cristina Caroli, SCA Italy Coordinator for the work we have done during all competitions. We cannot but consider ourselves proud for being recognized as a fundamental contribution to these 2018 finals.

Getting the green light in the technical selections has allowed Sanremo to share a direct testimony on the skills of the Cafè Racer, which has been a huge success.

The selections inspired us to look for the limits of the machine's performance and to push them further.

Our machine has been analyzed from all points of view and passed the selection thanks to the commitment and dedication of our team and R&D department.

All the people of Sanremo took part and responsability of this project and each of us gave something to ensure that we passed the selections and created a product that was attractive for the baristas.

Like the other Sanremo machines, the Café Racer is a concrete example of our dedication and passion for this business that is so competitive and at the same time full of enormous satisfactions.

The Café Racer has been the main topic for a long time; the WLAC and WCIGS Official Machine was the protagonist of all the social channels of Sanremo. Viewers have actively contributed to create a wave of enthusiasm during the training, networking and convivial phases with the S.W.A.T.

The Racer, with its sporty style, has travelled around the world, but we are proud of all our Sanremo Machines, such as the Sanremo Opera, another titanic machine of our company and pioneer of style, design and technique that distinguish us.

We offer our public and the community a constant update on the machines and values ​​we deeply believe in.

We set ourselves a goal and reach it without stopping to admire the result, but already thinking about the next step. Sanremo is an example of the spirit of adventure and great energy that all the greatest baristas have.

We want to communicate values, the same ​​that S.W.A.T senses as its own. All members of the Sanremo World Academy Team contribute significantly to the creation of "unique" products. Precisely because of this sense of belonging, the collaboration between these international champions is completely possible. Their desire to work for the same objective creates a situation where Sanremo is able to combine passion, experience and the hunger for improvement, creating and testing with them the proposals of the machines. Not only baristas, but champions with a common purpose, the S.W.A.T is a compact group of professionals who want to make a difference, collaborating to create innovative products that will surprise the market.

2019 is almost here and we are working on different activities, but we can’t reveal anything else.
What should the community expect from Sanremo? You just have to follow our social channels to find out! #wearesanremo