Café Racer at the #WLAC and #WCIGS finals in Belo Horizonte

Sanremo Coffee Machines, the Treviso company that has become one of the international leading brands and Qualified Sponsor of the World Coffee Events, is in Belo Horizonte for the finals of World Coffee in Good Spirits and the World Latte Art Championship!

The Café Racer is ready for the finals and has already been tried out and appreciated by all the finalists of the World Coffee Events.
The Official Machine of the #WLAC and #WCGS collected the first opinions of spectators and future champions, generating enthusiasm and excitement in all the participants.

“What I love about Sanremo is that it’s building coffee machines by coffee professionals for coffee professionals, which makes them one of the best in the world.

With this event a bigger audience can see how the machine is actually consistent, how great it works and I believe that the design that Sanremo is showing is super amazing.

The best part about everything is the S.W.A.T, all the baristas working in the Sanremo Team are all the people that actually competed and having them on the backstage ready to help us, is something that we never had before. Now, thanks to Sanremo, we get advice from people that actually lived your life and I think this is the best thing that could have happened in this competition.” Agnieszka Rojewska, World Barista Champion 2018

To allow all its community and fans to stay updated on the events of these special days, Sanremo Coffee Machines has decided to transform its social channels in the eyes of the participants: interviews, celebrations, training, curiosities and much more will be visible on instagram (@sanremocoffeemachines) and facebook (Sanremo Coffee Machines) in order to break down barriers and reduce distances with the public.

Who will be the champions of #BrazilWCC?