A brand new engine behind classic lines.
A renewed look for the top heat stability ever.

  • Renewed and upgraded design;
  • WCE (“World Coffee Events”) certification;
  • 30% less energy consumption with the Energy Saving System;
  • RS System allows the maximum heat stability (+-0,2°C);
  • Flowactive system (controlled pre-infusion) to modernise and improve the glorious tradition that involved the dispensing of the unit with a lever;
  • SMARTouch multifunctional display;
  • Cold Touch steam taps.


Verona RS has all the technological features and aesthetic qualities of a custom-built machine. Its renewed and updated design, enhanced by custom-made lighting, gives it an attractive and strong look that, together with WCE (World Coffee Events) recognition, brings it to the top step of the podium with every performance. The Energy Saving System is also a key optional feature of this machine: this system ensures 30% energy savings compared to traditional espresso machines by combining new insulating materials, specific construction techniques and an in-depth study of the integrated software.


Under a sporty-looking shell, the motor is what makes a real difference. The RS systemallows the temperature of the coffee boilers to be set separately for each unit according to the blend and/or the individual origin used. The control unit manages three different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring the highest levels of thermal stability, with a variation of ±0.2°C and full steam power. To ensure an even more spectacular performance, RS guarantees fully separate dispensing of coffee and steam, making sure that the two actions do not interfere with one another , compromising the final result. Moreover, each dispensing unit has its own boiler, whereas the main boiler is specifically dedicated to the production of hot water and steam. With the flowactive system (controlled pre-infusion), together with the sophisticated electronic system, the aim was to modernise and improve the glorious tradition that involved the dispensing of the unit with a lever, thus significantly increasing the percentage of extraction and TDS.


In order to offer the user the best comfort and ease of use available, Verona RS has been equipped with a multi-function SMARTouch screen that allows the operator to interact, in a simple and intuitive way, with the Barista menu and its main functions. The two Cold Touch steam taps combine the safety of working without the risk of burns with all the versatility of two spouts that are different in terms of flow and number of holes (STD or Latte Art optional). Furthermore, thanks to an innovative system that combines both air and steam, with each use you can consistently make high-quality frothed milk, so you can always have a perfect cappuccino.