Elegance behind rigorous lines. A new and performing technology with solid foundations.
  • Refined details made of crystal and wengè;
  • Backlight components;
  • TCS System to guarantee you a high level constant heat stability (+- 0,5°C);
  • Service Bluetooth System to manage, using Bluetooth, all the technical assistance parameters.


Roma is the result of a composition of lines, captivating the eye with the charm of a perfectly accomplished project. When a machine is able to speak for itself, the materials used give it a touch of character. In fact, Roma is available in two versions that highlight, each in its own way, the special and precious details of this machine: the version in crystal and that in Wenge wood are two variations of a unique, elegant and prestigious style. The backlit details complement and enhance its shape, making Roma a true design icon.


In addition to the lines and the geometry of this sturdy machine, its mainstay and strength is the TCS (Temperature Control System) technology. This cutting-edge technology consists of a dedicated boiler for each brewing unit, in addition to the traditional one for producing water for hot drinks, as well as electronic control, with a sensitivity of ±0.5°C, ensuring stability and accuracy at very high temperatures. A constant temperature is thus ensured in any working condition: at times of greater intensity, by fully exploiting all the potentials of the machine, such as the water dispensing temperature, which can be adjusted individually for each unit and, at times of lower activity, in which units not used at the moment can be deactivated individually, with significant energy savings for the user. The special hydraulic circuit also allows clean, crystal clear water to always be used for preparing hot drinks.


The opportunity to use the Bluetooth System Service, a Bluetooth system that manages the technical support parameters via smartphone and a dedicated app for tablets, makes Roma even more complete and capable of meeting all user requirements in the best possible way. To make it work even better, we have developed the steam taps so that, every time, they are able to make the best frothed milk for your cappuccinos, with the perfect consistency, thanks to a combination of air and steam.