A colorful spark of pure technology. Artistic solidity from the most versatile and performing palette.
  • Coincident frame and shell for an incomparable solidity and long duration;
  • SED and SAP versions: two declination of Zoe to suit every need;
  • Exclusive Compact version: perfect fitting in any space without quality compromises.


The fact that its frame and shell coincide makes Zoe a unique and incredibly sturdy machine among those of its kind. Moreover, the addition of a range of bright colours to choose from makes it extremely versatile. In addition to its resistance, Zoe’s unique features ensure very low revision and maintenance costs, since neither time nor wear can prevent this concentration of technology from always giving its best. In fact, renewing Zoe completely is simple and cheap, since no expensive spare parts or additional charges are necessary. You can paint Zoe the colour you like and, once again, it is ready to surprise you. With its versatility and compact size, Zoe can easily be fitted into any environment, standing out with its unique character and original features, those that you will choose.


Thanks to the presence of a traditional heat exchanger system with thermosyphon circulation and units, allowing for constant thermal stability, Zoe is able to guarantee top-quality coffee every time.
Zoe is available in two different versions:
Sed version
This version of the machine allows the doses to be programmed by the user, thanks to a button panel, guaranteeing an electronic dosing system.
Sap version
The special feature of this type of machine is its semi-automatic programming, in which continuous dispensing is controlled by an on/off button. Finally, to add a master’s touch, we provide steam taps, which, thanks to an exclusive mix of air and steam, will allow you to make the perfect cappuccino, with no compromises.


The reason we wanted to create Zoe Compact is to always take things one step further in order to meet customer requirements. Its features, technology and high level of performance are now available in an even more compact format and, thanks to its unique character and size, it can also be adapted to smaller spaces, so you can appreciate this little gem with no limitations.