Experience, courage, determination and passion. People. This is what we are
Thanks to our long-standing experience in this sector, we have learnt to recognise what makes an espresso machine an excellent product and, most of all, we have learnt to make all of our machines worthy of the SANREMO brand. Our goal is to add a personal touch to every detail, revealing what we stand for, so that you are able to see it and experience it with each coffee.
Our constant drive for innovation and improvement has always characterised the way we work. This has allowed us, over the years, to get together as a team, to collaborate and learn from each other by boldly answering questions that we would never have even brought up alone.
Travelling down roads that have not yet been taken in order to offer the best we can, means never allowing ourselves to be satisfied and to always focus on conquering new goals. Over the years, every step, every road taken has always led us to experience the present while looking to the future. The knowledge and traditions gained in the past have now allowed us to offer you something that will stay with you, something revolutionary and long-lasting. In all these years, we have cherished the contribution of all those who have worked not for us but WITH us.
We have searched for people who shared our joint vision for creation, with our same drive for future challenges, and we have found people willing to take part in our projects. A simple cup of coffee can bring people together, creating an opportunity to share experiences, talk, a simple courtesy, but it can also express the passion for everyday work: whatever your situation is, we want to assist you in the best way imaginable, offering you the best coffee machine available.

The mainstay of Sanremo is high quality and technological innovation: we constantly strive to raise our standards and to always find the best solutions for our business partners.
This special attention leads to the features that make the Sanremo espresso machines the most advanced in the sector. Top quality and the search for the optimal solution are the key elements of our work throughout all stages: from design to the triple testing of each machine before shipping. Our constant future-oriented approach has allowed an experienced and skilled R&D department to grow, implementing the “Opera” project, in collaboration with the Opera team, and some of the most important technical features of our machines: the Control Delivery System (CDS), an exclusive supply system that allows the three stages of infusion to be monitored, the RS (Realtime Stability) system, which ensures the maximum temperature stability available, and the use of innovative materials designed especially to ensure the best performance in each process, in accordance with current and future regulations in terms of customer safety. Accessibility and an ergonomic use have always been a prerogative for us. The greater number of options available in the field of technology has allowed us to develop control systems that, despite being increasingly sophisticated, allow Baristas to interact with the machine in a simple and effective way. Some examples are the multi-function display and control via the Opera tablet. Our goals range from small improvements to major innovations in order to allow those who use our coffee machines to experiment and find the perfect nuance, intensity and flavour that they imagined. To do this, we have studied and developed our products so that we can offer you a vast and comprehensive range of tools to surprise you and, perhaps, to also let you surprise others. When technological innovation is perfectly combined with attention to detail, machines are created that are not just work tools but also highly accurate products, designed and created to last a long time. We hope that the attention we pay to our machines is also reflected, day after day, in your work in order to ensure your satisfaction.



We firmly believe in our work and our passion is so strong that even geographical boundaries cannot stop us. In fact, over the years, we have built an extensive network of branch offices, enabling us to export all our knowledge and experience wherever required. Our contacts around the world allow us not only to promote our work but also to collaborate, learn and combine, from time to time, new applications for different situations and cultures with optimal solutions. The attention we pay to our machines follows them wherever they go, with experienced staff present in each link of our sales network. This staff shares our same passion and collaborates to create a joint network, in order to share not only our work but also our values and goals. The determination with which we strive to achieve our goals projects us more and more towards you, encouraging us to be physically closer, establishing new benchmarks in the world, going well beyond Europe and arriving, for the first time, in the USA. In fact, the USA offers much more than just a sales outlet or a partnership: a real Sanremo branch office, a benchmark and training location for the American market and neighbouring markets, bringing all our experience and high quality overseas. This philosophy goes hand in hand with our attention to after-sales support, with which we offer you all our support so that you can use and fully experience our products, with the consideration and attention they deserve, and that you deserve. Wherever you are and whatever your needs are, we will reach you and help you obtain the best out of what we have developed and created for you.